Translate Kalimat Inggris Online

Ada Website yang “agak” cukup bagus untuk translate kalimat inggris. Alamatnya di

Lumayan bisa nerjemahin kalimat sampe 300 kata sekali translate. Meskipun masi trial, tp kayaknya cukup bagus nie. Emang sie hasilnya gak sempurna 100%, mesti ada perbaikan dr kita juga. Namanya juga mesin hehe.

Klo untuk kamus online yang bagus sie bisa dicoba

cukup lengkap nie kamus online 🙂


~ by gusdek on December 21, 2007.

14 Responses to “Translate Kalimat Inggris Online”

  1. cobain :
    ini situs juga lumayan bagus

  2. lumayah bro… tp musti online ya!
    hampir sama kosakatanya sama transtool.

  3. Bagus bagus boss, grammarnya lumayan juga. Nggak amburadul, kalo bisa d upgrade trus nih tools..

  4. The whispers in the morning
    Of lovers sleeping tight
    Are rolling like thunder now
    As I look in your eyes

    I hold on to your body
    And feel each move you make
    Your voice is warm and tender
    A love that I could not forsake

    (first chorus)
    cause I am your lady
    And you are my man
    Whenever you reach for me
    Ill do all that I can

    Lost is how Im feeling lying in your arms
    When the world outsides too
    Much to take
    That all ends when Im with you

    Even though there may be times
    It seems Im far away
    Never wonder where I am
    cause I am always by your side

    (repeat first chorus)

    (second chorus)
    Were heading for something
    Somewhere Ive never been
    Sometimes I am frightened
    But Im ready to learn
    Of the power of love

    The sound of your heart beating
    Made it clear
    Suddenly the feeling that I cant go on
    Is light years away

    (repeat first chorus)

    (repeat second chorus)

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  5. ok. juga

  6. flower is love


    One day later
    My body will die
    But in the distich of this poem
    I wouldn’t acquiesce you alone

    One day later
    My voice wouldn’t be heard again
    Yet among rows of this poem
    I will steadfast investigate you

    One day later
    My vision will be unrecognized again
    Yet, in the letter cracks of this poem
    I’ll look for you forever

  8. Aku tau, aku salh

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  10. a digital future

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  12. The moment I blinkAgain, you check it outStop staring at the girls passing byActing like you’re not, like you didn’t hearThat snort with a thorn stuck in itAll, all, all of it is weird

    How about being a little more nice to me?Your abrupt speech hurts so muchI really don’t likeBecoming used to itAll, all, all of it is disappointing

    Where are you looking?I’m right here

    *Because of you, my heart wears an armorNow I’ll fight backYour arrow is trouble, trouble, troubleIt aimed at meYou shoot, shoot, shootI hoot, hoot, hoot

    I’m scarred by your words soaked in poisonI gave you a second chanceYou’re definitely trouble, trouble, troubleYou waited for the right timeYou shoot, shoot, shootI hoot, hoot, hoot*

    I heard you fell deeply into another girl’s trap?End of excuses! You still can’t come to your sense, can you?You won’t meet a good girl with that attitudeYou, you, you, forever

    Don’t be mistakenYou’re not cupid (You are)


    If you try to float on water, I’ll make you sinkIn the circle I made, you’re all aroundYou just answer questions again that I didn’t even askBut I still won’t shoot an arrow like you did

  13. Aduh bingung nih cari b inggris nya hahahahahahahAhahAh ya ALLAH

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